24 October 2020

100 Percent Proof Ben Jekyll Takeover Pt1

In an attempt to fill the monster shoes of Tony Heare join Ben Jekyll in the first of 6 Breakfast Show takeovers

This edition features music from

Amaranthe – countdown
Samarkind – thru that door
Neverwake – are you in there?
Emigrate – 1234
Breathe Atlantis – my supernova
Chrome Division – i`m on fire tonight 
Vukovi – weirdo
Seether – let you down
Incubus – state of the art
Into The Fire – from the medicine
Escape The Fate – do you love me?
To The Rats and Wolves – down
Voyager – brightstar
Tax The Heat – on the run
Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown – onto the next
Sinner – fiesta y copas
Frontback – i arrive when you go
Kobra And The Lotus – thundersmith
Fires Of Freya – take a bow
Salvation Jayne – jayne doe
Aren Drift – sun goes down
Honeyblood – she`s a nightmare
Dead Posey – fire burnin
Mammoth Penguins – closure
Lola Black – hot enough
Mallen – pull the trigger
Zand – luci
Valley Queen – supergiant
Northward – get what you give
Lillith And The Knight – war cry
Halestorm – skulls
Black Mirrors – lay my burden down
Tokyo Taboo – whiskey

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