Pure Rock Fury with our resident Mancunian Paul Cash is exactly what it says on the tin! 2 hours of hard fuelled, groove soaked, feel good Rock! There'll be no ballads here... From Clutch to Rammstein, The Cult to Soundgarden, there's 67 reasons to tune in! Sit back with your drink of choice and enjoy a formidable rock beast of a show! So hands up... Who Wants Some Pure Rock Fury!!!


‘Blue Sunday’ isn’t your traditional Blues Show! A modern fun and raucous mix, with an occasional old classic thrown in for good measure, giving you a show that gets your foot stomping from start to finish! It’s Down ‘n’ Dirty, Raw ‘n’ Heavy, incorporating all kinds of Blues from Stoner, Punk, Sludge, Garage, Delta & Slide Stomp! It’s a show where R’n’B still mean something and you get your Blues with a HEAVY Twist of Rock!