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Hi, my name is Tony Heare and as well as presenting 'The Eighties Rocked' every Sunday 2pm-4pm here on MMH Radio, I also have the pleasure of doing the '100% Proof Breakfast Show', live every Friday from 8am-10am. The Breakfast Show used to be live Monday to Friday and had reached 750 shows, before cancer stopped me in my tracks and I couldn't commit to it. However, I was asked to come back, initially for one live show every Friday and I'm glad I agreed to it. The show, as before, will feature classic rock tracks, current bands and the pick of brand new releases and your requests are always welcome - just e-mail and I'll do the rest. See you soon!!


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As Big Ben struck at midnight on 31st December 1979, rock fans everywhere were excited to see and hear what the new decade would bring. Throughout the next ten years, we had hair bands, thrash, glam metal and many other sub genres. 1980 itself was a golden 12 months for rock, with 70s bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, AC/DC and more releasing pivotal albums in their careers. That's what 'The Eighties Rocked!' is all about. Every Sunday afternoon, here on MMH Radio, you can join Tony Heare for two hours chock full of the best hard rock and metal from all corners of the globe without leaving your chair, reliving great memories of a time that many people derided, but that actually gave us superstars who produced epic albums that still sound good to this day. 2pm-4pm is the time, Sunday is the day, MMH Radio is the place and Tony Heare is your guide - be there!


Every Sunday from 2-4pm GMT | 3-5 CET | 6-8 am PST | 9-11 am EST


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Over the years, I've had the good fortune to go to some amazing festivals, from Monsters Of Rock at Donington to Hard Rock Hell to Steelhouse, mostly through working for MMH Radio. The main thing that hits me is the camaraderie of the fans, no matter which band they follow and more often than not there is always a friendly, good-time atmosphere. Most people don't see the enormous amount of work going on behind the scenes to get these bands up on stage at the correct time, as I was privy to at the last two Stonedeaf festivals; a real eye opener. My very first festival was Donington Monsters Of Rock in 1991, with AC/DC top of the bill. My main memories were walking around the site at about midnight, freezing my nuts off and buying cheap tacky MOR t-shirts just to keep warm, as well as watching Metallica on the back of their 'Black' album and a horribly out of place Queensryche. Bottles of warm liquid flying overhead were still happening even then and I was lucky not to get seriously hurt on a few occasions - oh how we laughed! Nowadays, we have the ultimate festival in my eyes, Stonedead; nine bands in one day on one stage bringing a host of classic rock to the fans at an unbelievable price. 2021 will be no different, with Black Star Riders headlining and if you've seen them live before, you know what to expect. I'm so looking forward to being there in August and I bet you are too!


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