21 November 2020

The Whizbanger Show where Epic Songs are Epic and Independent Bands Rule the Roost November 20 2020

Another killer set in the books. What I like most about doing this show is arranging the mad diversity of bands into a coherent two-hour set that makes sense and gains listeners’ confidence and trust. Thanks to all’a you for tuning, downloading the podcasts, forging a friendship, and being Most Excellent Musicians, distros, labels, and PR folk. As we lean in toward the holiday season, know that you all have my unwavering gratitude and respect.

Horns UP!

Here’s da playlist from November 20, 2020:


Noothgrush – Imperial March/Cantina Band/Man in the Wilderness

Dystopia – Now and Forever

War on Women – In Your Path

No Coffin – Godkiller

Church of Misery – Dusseldorf Monster

Black Tusk – Fatal Kiss

Children of Technology – Desert City

Black Tar Superstar – Hail to the Succubus

Bog Wizard – Swamp Golem

Thrawsunblat – Song of the Nihilist

Christian Mistress – Over and Over

Willow Ash – A Witch’s Widow

Yob – In Our Blood

Shadow Weaver – Horizon

Midnight Dice – Speed City

Terrifian-T – Metal and More

Burning Witches – The Sisters of Fate

Two Minutes to Late Night – Dead Man’s Party



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