03 March 2020

The Whizbanger Show Podcast! 28 Feb 2020 Comin Atcha

Didja miss it? Do you wanna hear it again? Click and be happy! Catch The Whizbanger Show from February 28 and hear the smooth sounds of Tragedy, Nashville Pussy, Mutoid Man, Orange Goblin, Royal Thunder, Idle Hands, Electric Citizen, Smoulder, Savage Master, Shadow Weaver, The Damned, Lunachicks, ArnoCorps, Dr. Know, Speedwolf, Bitch, Motörhead, TerrifianT, Thrust, Ho99o9, Bloated Pig, Dishonour the Crown, and The Company Band!

Got a request for next week? Hit me up! Want me to play your band? Hey, now, DM me!

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