02 January 2021

The Whizbanger Show NYE One-Hour Spectacular! Featuring the Best of Women in Heavy Music 2020

Welcome to 2021, y’all! I hope you had a safe and peaceful New Year’s Eve celebration and that you’re enjoying your weekend. If you missed the show or want to hear it again, have no fear, the podcast is here!

Check out all these fabulous bands featuring the gifted women of heavy music. Like their social media, grab their Bandcamp stuff, and enjoy!

Astral Witch – Black Denim

Tripping Haze Ceremony – Big Red Machine

Yatra – Talons of Eagles

Thrawsunblat – Until Ebb the Waters

Burning Witches –  Wings of Steel

Smoulder Dream Quest Ends

Rosy Finch – Lady Bug

Midnight Dice – Lazer Tears

Furies – You & I

The Riven Moving on

Lady Ehepr Livin in Day City (Eakre Uatre Zurgtapre)



DOWNLOAD: https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/52yr8k/The_Whizbanger_Show_NYE_20-216meuq.mp3



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