02 January 2021

The Whizbanger Show New Year’s Day Celebration! My 50th Show dedicated to the bands I hope to see in 2021.

And, we made it through one of the roughest years most of us have ever had. Yes, the coming months will continue to worrisome and stressful. Still, I’m all about celebrating the small stuff, having hope for the future, and being ever-grateful for you beautiful people and the opportunity I have with MMH – The Home of Rock Radio to share my love of music with you.

Check out all these fabulous bands, like their social media, grab their Bandcamp stuff, and enjoy!

Tragedy – Africa

1945 – Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover)

Mutoid Man – Melt Your Mind

Terrifian-T – Metal and More

Judas Priest – Heading Out to The Highway

Orange Goblin – Some You Win Some You Lose

Black Tar Superstar – Hail to the Succubus

Neurosis – Water is Not Enough

Church of Misery – Cities on Flame (Blue Oyster Cult cover)

Whiskey Ritual – 666 Problems

Gorilla Wizard – Maple Crunch

Sepultura – Slave New World

Seum – The Marrying Kind (Prince cover)

Voivod – Mr. Clean

Savage Master – Swords and Tequila (Riot cover)

Anti-Nowhere League – (We Will Not) Remember You

Lunachicks – Bad Ass Bitch

GBH – I Feel Alright

Hank III – In The Camouflage

Puresonic Outcasts – Slum Dwellers

4 Bajo Zero – La Reina de la noche

Tines – Rock n Roll Witness Protection Program

Nick Cave – The Weeping Song

Tom Waits – God’s Away on Business

Lady Ehepr – Money


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