14 May 2022

The Whizbanger Show #124 The Boneless Ones Co-Hosts Edition May 13, 2022



The Whizbanger Show #124 The Boneless Ones Co-Hosts Edition May 13, 2022

Miss the show? Wanna hear it again? Have at the podcast, my friends, and enjoy!

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Download Episode: https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/7zq4rj/The_Whizbanger_Show_124_The_Boneless_Ones_Co-Hosts_Edition_May_13_20226kxzl.mp3 


The Bands:  AC/DC, The Boneless Ones, Code of Honor, The Dead Boys, The Distillers, Exodus, Fang, The Gits, Metallica, Mountain Meadow Massacre, Motorhead, Social Unrest, Tales of Terror, Verbal Abuse, X-Ray Spex


The Labels/PR: Alternative Tentacles, Boner Records, CD Presents, CZ Records, Fowl Records, Maximum Rock n Roll, Nuclear Blast, Sire Records, Torrid Records



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