18 March 2022

The Undertones – Dig What You Need – 11th March 2022

Collating together their two post-reformation albums ‘Get what you need’ (2003) and ‘Dig yourself deep’ (2007) this album is unapologetically Undertones. Combining the best songs from each of these albums, ‘Dig What you Need’ is the most themselves the band have ever been.

Making the compilation even more special however, is the fact that this album is the first time any of these songs have been released on record; and what a listen it is. With Feargal Sharkey leaving to create pop songs in 1983, the remainder of the group were left with the potential to do anything, and go anywhere with their music; and a gritty, garage sound was where that led them.

The songs have been remastered by producer Paul Tipler, whose contributions include Placebo and Elastica, and his production enabled The Undertones to take their original punk rock, Ramones influences, and morph them into this harder, garage rock album.

With an upcoming tour on the books for 2022, it is clear to see that ‘Dig What you Need’ is the perfect touring album, collating their best and most popular post-reformation songs. Furthermore, as this album pieces together their post-reformation albums, without the addition of the pop influences of Feargal Sharkey, the garage sound of the remaining Undertones was left to emerge with full force.

After their releasing Teenage Kicks in 1978 this song was always going to be a hard one to follow, however The Undertones rejected the label of one hit wonders with great strength, blossoming into their sound beautifully. Releasing ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ in 1979 and ‘My Perfect Cousin’ in 1980, it was clear that The Undertones’ talents transcended the one hit wonder label, and merely instead, provided them with the confidence to become even more authentically themselves.

The album opens with ‘Thrill Me’, a song taken from the first of the two albums, that perfectly captures their punk rock sound. Making you want to dance, this track would be a perfect opener for any show they do on their up-and-coming tour.

They also create a sharp contrast with ‘Here Comes the Rain’ off the new album, which, when compared to ‘Here Comes the Summer’ of their self-titled album, creates a sadder, more downbeat mood, however, with the use of pathetic fallacy, The Undertones appear to progress and mature from the first aforementioned track to the second, as they move from talking about girls “lying on beaches” in the “summer” to “never getting the chance to say goodbye”.

Overall, as an album, ‘Dig What you Need’ is the perfect touring album, with Tipler’s remixing capturing a sense of what the songs would be like live. Furthermore, the ordering of the tracks is impeccable and considered, enabling the album to flow in its entirety even more than the albums upon which this is based.

The Undertones are doing a UK and European tour beginning this month, so head on down to your local venue to catch ‘Dig What you need’ live and in all its glory.

Collating together their two post-reformation albums ‘Get what you need’ (2003) and ‘Dig yourself deep’ (2007) this album is unapologetically Undertones.

Highlights: Thrill Me, She’s So Sweet, Fight My Corner

Dig What You Need is available at Juno Records from 11th March 2022 and can be purchased here and on all major streaming services.

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