13 October 2017

The Sanctum 11th October Edition

Our resident lord of the fantastical and epic, DJ Scott brings you your weekly fix of some of the very best music in the world of symphonic metal and folk metal.

This week his fine selection includes tracks from Srod almenara, Skar Productions, Sound Storm, Pyramaze, Elvenking, Gehtika, Genus Ordinis Dei, Raventale, Wind Rose, Turisas and more

Srod Almenara – Star Wars Rogue One Medley
Skar Productions – (NieR Automata) Weight Of The World
The Dark Element – My Sweet Mystery
Sound Storm – Forsaken
MindMaze – Abandon
Pyramaze – Star Men
Vandroya – The Path To Endless Fall
Dragonforce – Curse Of Darkness
Elvenking – Draugen’s Maelstrom
Gehtika – The Great Reclamation
Genus Ordinis Dei – Halls Of Human Delights
Septicflesh – Dark Art
Raventale – New World Planetarium
Myrkur – Ulvinde
Turisas – Prologue For R.R.R.
Turisas – Rex Regi Rebellis
Wind Rose – To Erebor
Trollfest – Fraulein Helluva

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