22 July 2015

The Rule Breakers 21-07-2015


If you’re into everything from 90s grunge to folk classics, or 60s rock up to present day then ‘The Rule Breakers’ have it all for you! Charl Hoops will send you on a journey through a variety of music geniuses who have changed the face of music as we know it! From Bob Dylan turning folk electric to Lou Reed with his controversial lyrical method. From the legend that is Andy Wood to the king of the six string Jimi Hendrix. Or even Bonham’s bloody addition to drum playing to Ian Curtis’ stage presence.
So bring the Jack Daniels, your records and a comfy seat, and let the gift of music take us on our travels! A show that really is worth a listen for those of you with a rather diverse taste for music!!

This week includes a Magic Music hour bringing you some of the best #Records of 1966!! As well as a brand new #3TrackLink