18 December 2019

The Rock N’ Roll Penitentiary with DJ Mitz 14.12.19

14/12/19: DJ Mitz brings you The Rock N’ Roll Penitentiary with weekly lashings of Hard Rock / Glam / Sleaze with a side order of AOR. From New, recent and modern tracks to classic levels of pure noize and everything that fits in between the cracks. Ooo-Err!

Every week we’ll be diving in to shake and break your afternoon with how it used to be with 100% Good Old Dirty Rock N’ Roll. No musical snobbery, good tunes and good times…


Black Swan – Shake The World
Nasty Ratz – Watch Your Back Tonight
Crashdiet – Reptile
Burnt Out Wreck – Paddywack
Krazy Madness – Black Demons
Electric Guitars – Back To You
Headstones – Caught In A Loop
Frontback – Sunny Days
Vega – Kiss of Life (2019 Version)
Eclipse – Delirious
Matt Mitchell and the Coldhearts – Wave Goodbye
Donnie Vie and the St Joe County Dope Whores – Stand By Me
Beau Nasty – Shake It
Kik Tracee – Don’t Need Rules
Warrant = Big Talk
Fifth Angel – Time Will Tell
Dirty Looks – Oh Ruby
Love/Hate – Don’t Be Afraid
Junkyard – Hollywood
Quireboys – Sex Party
Thunder – Moth To A Flame
Skid Row – Wasted Time
Judas Preist – Freewheel Burning
Motorhead – Overkill
Black Sabbath – Fairies Wear Boots
Rentaghost Theme

DON’T FORGET: The Festive Star Wars Special goes out on 21/12/19 – Hard Rock / Glam / Sleaze and some stuff from a galaxy far, far away….