15 May 2020

The Breakfast Show 15.5.2020


More aural pleasure for you lovely people, as we bring you the latest podcast of the Breakfast Show. Pull up a chair with Tony Heare!

Track List –

A New Tomorrow – I Wanna Live

Ozzy Osbourne – That I Never Had

Shades Of Gray – Shout!

Crazy Lixx – Lights Out!

Deep Purple – I’m Alone

Iron Maiden – Be Quick Or Be Dead

Thin Lizzy – Got To Give It Up

Rush – Fly By Night

Quiet Riot – The Wild And The Young

Little Caesar – Straight Shooter

Nazareth – Push

Led Zeppelin – Friends

Motorhead – Metropolis

Rush – Tom Sawyer

Uriah Heep – Rainbow Demon

Saxon – Stallions Of The Highway

Those Damn Crows – Blink Of An Eye

Departed – Kill The King

Soldier – I Can’t Breathe

Rush – New World Man

Enuff Z’Nuff – Fatal Distraction

ACDC – Walk All Over You

Electric Mob – King’s Ale

Rush – The Wreckers

Pink Floyd – Run Like Hell

Fastway – We Become One