12 December 2020

StoneDead radio With Ben Jekyll Podcast

Join Ben Jekyll as he dips his toes into Stonedead radio for the first time.

There`s music from Stonedead 2021 bands

Terrorvosion – fists of fury
Gun – word up

Escape From The Studio `95 bands
Metallica – devil`s dance
Therapy? – stories
Slayer – jesus saves
White Zombie – more human than human
Machine Head – i`m your god now
Corrosion Of Conformity – my grain

Donnington Monsters Of Rock `96 bands
Sepultura – slave new world
Dog Eat Dog – no fronts
Biohazard – punishment
Paradise Lost – the last time
3 Colours Red – copper girl
Cecil – upside down smile
Everclear – the twistinside
HoneyCrack – waiting at home
Fear Factory – body hammer
Type O Negative – we hate everyone

Donnington Monsters of Rock `94 bands
Extreme – play with me
The Wildhearts – caffeine bomb

Ozzfest `98 bands
Life Of Agony – weeds
Foo Fighters – i`ll stick around
Pitchshifter – genius
Soulfly – the song remains insane

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