19 August 2021

Soiree With The Dead Vol 1

Join Ben Jekyll for a bit of change to the regular soiree menu.

He will be standing in for 3 shows over the new few weeks, each focussed on a different part of his rock music world.

The first part is nu metal, a huge part of his teenage soundtrack, that he just won`t let go of!

Including music from….

Motionless In White – america
Sick Puppies – you`re going down
Ded – hate me
KoRn – here to stay
Slipknot – welcome
Tetrarch – negative noise
VantaBlack – lost in hysteria
Tallah – placenta
Cane Hill – (the new) jesus
Blood Youth – spineless
The Hyde Project – hello kitty
Loathe – two way mirror
Videodrone – faceplant
Deadsy – tom sawyer
Orgy – opticon
Spineshank – forgotten
The Union Underground – bitter
Apartment 26 – sliced beats
Pitchshifter – whiteout
Clawfinger – pay the bill
Bullyrag – jump up in a fashion
King Prawn – the dominant view
Skindred – selector
Capdown – cousin cleotis

Next week catch Darkside host Andy Shaw as the bread in a Rockhammer Thursday sandwich as he will be on both 6-8pm and 10 till midnight!

Catch Ben Jekyll back here, first Thursday in September and also hosting his usual show on Saturday night from 8-10pm with Dancing With The Dead