21 April 2019

Skid’s House of Loud 055 21.04.19


Missed the show ? Worry not , check out the link and re-live two hours of radio heaven from the likes of –

The Stooges – 1969

Janis Joplin – Kozmic blues

Ringo Starr – It don’t come easy

AC/DC – Walk all over you

Lonnie Mac – Riding the blinds (live)

Monster Magnet – Cage around the sun

Rainbow – Sensitive to light

Blue Oyster Cult – Heavy metal

Whitesnake – Sweet talker

Journey – Mother , father

The Vintage Caravan – On the run

Enuff Z Nuff – Kiss the clown (live)

Mostly Autumn – Changing lives

Saxon – Denim and leather

Y&T – Losing my mind

Rod Stewart – Stay with me (live)

REO Speedwagon – Roll with the changes

Tony Martin – The kids of today (don’t understand the blues)

Notorious – Radio silence

WhiteLion – Let’s get crazy

Golden earring – Twilight zone

Motorhead – Limb from Limb


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