31 March 2019

Skid’s House of Loud 052 31.03.19



Missed Skid’s show? , catch up via the pod cast for 2 hours of top rockage including –

Bryan Adams – She’s only happy when she is dancing (live)

Jimi Hendrix – Johnny B Goode (live)

Led Zeppelin – Achilles last stand

Def Leppard – Let’s get rocked

Bad Company – Can’t get enough

Focus – Hocus Pocus

AC/DC – Bad boy boogie

Killing Joke – Love like blood

Slaughter – Up all night

Phil Campbell and his bastard sons – Into the dark

Deep Purple – Never before

Y&T – Bar room boogie

Soundgarden – Mind riot

Airbourne – Hungry

Robin George – Heartline

David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust

Rory Gallagher – Walking on hot coals (live)

LionHeart – Don’t pay the ferryman

Raven – Don’t need your money

Baby Animals – Livin’ lies

Triumph – Magic power



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