21 June 2019

SheWolf Unsigned 20.6.19 – with Linda Parker






** Did You miss SheWolf Unsigned This week?**
Naughty, Naughty!
Well, here is the Podcast, so no excuse to say you missed it!

Featuring Music from… Outright Resistance,Sweet Ignitions, Baleful Creed, Sick N Beautiful,Heist 2-11, Cotard, TheUnrested, Unto The Wolves, Ravenlight, Hadrian Uk, Red Rooster, Fall and Resist, Dig Lazarus, Of Virtue, Excursia, BroodMother, Culann, Krysthla, Catalysis, Next Year, Promethium, Sharpe Bone, Bad Dog

This Weeks Play list…
Outright Resistance – Embrace The Vultures
Sweet Ignitions – Daggers
Baleful Creed – Devils Side
Sick N Beautiful – Heart December
Heist 2-11 – Fight
Cotard – Anastasis
Unto The Wolves – Ancestors Of War (The Maori Tribe)
Ravenlight – Words Unspoken
Hadrian Uk – Alliance
BroodMother – Space Wizard
Red Rooster – Claim Back
Fall and Resist – Cinders
Dig Lazarus – The Joker
Of Virtue – Thanks For Nothing
Excursia – Juggernaut
Red Rooster – Claim Back
Culann – Event Without Experience
Krysthla – Zero Sum Game
Catalysis – Nothing Left
The Unrested – Desocialise
Next Year – Remember
Promethium – Stolen Valour
Sharpe Bone – It’s A Drag
Bad Dog – Hot Stuff