07 March 2020

Servant Leader

Servant Leader – Raised By Wolves Part 1

EP Review


Servant Leader is the solo project of Leigh Oates, vocalist with Xilla, Order Of Voices, Soldierfield, Rise To Addiction and Ninedenine. The debut EP’ Raised By Wolves Part 1’ is released 14th March, apparently to be followed quickly by Part 2.

I’m happily surprised by this EP, I love every track and am impressed with the quality, the content and the vocals.

Drums open first track, ‘Daybreak’, joined by fuzzy guitars and angry vocals with such depth in tone it’s captivating. Distorted vocals in the chorus are enigmatic, and all the while the drums pound you into submission and you’re pulled along with the current. There is something animalistic about this track, it’s a real force to be reckoned with, and it’s catchy as!

‘Boundaries’ charges its way in, digging its claws into my soul, a deliciously heavy beat, sexy aggressive vocals etching their mark in indelible ink; “Pray if you wanna. Dance if you wanna. Sing if you wanna.” I want and I will!

My track of the EP is ‘August Parade’ which demonstrates the power behind the vocals and twists and turns from a southern rock to a grungey style. Solo drums add suspense and beat alongside my heart, and the vocals are so deep and earthy that I’m absorbed in the lyrics and shocked when it’s over.

The pounding beat of ‘Siamese’ climbs into my head, the drums bouncing round my brain, the guitars providing light to the shade of the beat. And this guy can sing!

‘That Girl’ is pure unadulterated grunge that I cant stop listening to. Filthy riffs grab your attention and the repetitive vocals are cerebral.

I really, really like what I hear but I wish I could find out more; there is very little online presence for this band and that simply must change. As a reviewer I need to find out who they are, what they’re about, where they came from, and share this. As a fan I need to know how to find out more, how to find fellow fans, where to buy the music and merch.

Each track is different, fresh and inspiring, and the EP is solid and impressive, so please give us more.


Overall rating: 4/5

Highlights: August Parade, That Girl

Out 14th March

For more information:

web www.servantleaderband.com/

Agent www.againstpr.com