12 May 2020

Route 666 11.05.20 NWOCR

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Route 666 from 11.05.20 was all about the New Wave Of Classic Rock. DJ Smudge pulled some of the best and newest tracks from the leading lights of this fantastic new movement. Here’s the playlist –

Syteria – Goodbye World

Empyre – New Republic

Daxx and Roxane – Broken

Haxan – Skeletons

The Rocket Dolls – The Art Of Disconnect

Fury – The World Is Mine

The New Roses – Can’t Stop Rock n Roll

Buffalo Summer – Deep Water

Bad Touch – Movin’ On Up

Doomsday Outlaw – Runaway

Molly Karloff – She Said

Baleful Creed – One Shot

Bad Company – Shake It Up

Massive Wagons – Billy Balloon Head

Skam – Between The Eyes

Blind River – Made Of Dirt

Blind River – Burn The Sun

Hannah Wicklund and the Steppin’ Stones – Bomb Through The Breeze

Jack J. Hutchinson – Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

The Dukes Of Bordello – Think I’m Turning Psycho

Those Damn Crows – Kingsdom Of Dust

Hell’s Addiction – If Time Stood Still

Wolfjaw – Living The Dream

Black Smoke Trigger – The Way I’m Wired

Trucker Diablo = Other Side Of The City

Wayward Sons – Any Other Way

Wayward Sons – As Black As Sin

The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed that Bad Company are included – this was to pay tribute to their former singer Brian Howe who sadly dies recently.