15 April 2021

Rockhammer Show 56 with Stevie J featuring Killer Be Killed

Stevie J has 2 hours of packed hard and heavy music including:

Black Sabbath-Hole in the Sky
Killer Be Killed-Deconstructing Self Destruction
Soilwork-Distortion Sleep
Just A Ride-Razor
Flotsam and Jetsam-No Place for Disgrace
Gojira-The gift of guilt
Take the Day-Burning Alive
Victorius-Rise from the flames
Slayer-Post Mortem
Killer Be Killed-Melting of my Marrow
Saxon-Princess of the Night
Guns & Roses-Nightrain
Motorhead-Riding with the Driver
Full House Brew Crew-Cannot be judged
Killer Be Killed-Left of Center
The Rocket Dolls-Strain
The Jailbirds-I will move on
Killer Be Killed-Wings of Feather and Wax
The Offspring-Conspiracy of One
Deafheaven-Baby Blue