11 April 2019

R X P T R S – I


Noisy punky, rocky, metally noise from the South West of the UK.

Opening track vultures leaps about between energising aggressive verses and a glorious anthemic chorus.

Parasites appeared as a single a few months back, thankfully none of the power has faded, this particular track is blessed with a calmer almost indie flavoured verse before the big, punchy chorus arrives to set up camp in your head.

Then comes temple, which to my ears is their strongest song to date. For several reasons, the vocal performance of Simon is magical on this track, and the slow build into a huge chorus is beautifully crafted.

After the slow build of temple, bound arrives like a bolt of lightning, leaping about like an excited child, it’s also full of energy and enthusiasm, just like the aforementioned child!

The final track blister throws some curve balls at you, with a tranquil intro leading to a Pennywise inspired punktastic verse which leads to a chorus Incubus wish they were still capable of writing.

These gents are no strangers to the music world, having all been active in local bands that threatened to break, but never quite made it. This EP it would appear has all of their previous work distilled and amplified to a mountain conquering level.
This collection of songs is truly fantastic, driven, melodic, neck snapping, head bobbing rocky, metally type stuff, and yes I’m well aware it’s a ridiculous collection of superlatives, but they tick many boxes in many areas.
Just trust me, if you have an interest in anything rock or metal flavoured, there’s a lot here for you to enjoy.