18 October 2020

Podcast for The Whizbanger-Swamp Records-Fuzzy Cracklins Show! 16 October, 2020

And it was a Fuzzy, Swampy, Sludgey, Doomy Fest to behold! Here’s the podcast for 16 October 2020 when I had my very special co-host, Sir Fuzzy Cracklins of The Swamp Records by my side, bringing us all the latest in Swamp Land! Enjoy this; I know I did!

The show was a heavy-hitting, riff-filled session where we got to hear some not-yet-released gems and even a debut song from one of the bands, first heard here on The Whizbanger Show!

Here’s your band list – check out my FB page (Whizbanger Show) for #bandcamp links to all the bands:

Lunar Swamp, Puresonic Outcasts, Professor Electric, Blaise the Seeker, Veljet, Dead Panda, Froglord, Green Hog, Dos Brujos, Doomsday Rejects, Jerico, VESMYR, Weedsnake, Cloud Minus 9, Metanym, For the Universe, Seum, Orbital Junction


Tune in next week for Part I of my Halloween Horror Jam Worship Show Friday, 23 October, from 10-midnight GMT.