12 December 2020

Podcast for The Whizbanger Show – The Great Unknowns Edition 11 December 2020

Happy Holidays, y’all, and thanks for tuning in to The Whizbanger Show! We even got some new listeners this week, huzzah! Keep sharing and keep reaching out. Let’s take over the world with breathtaking, hard-hitting music to get us through these ever-challenging times. When we get on the other side of this thing, we’re all gon’ be richer with new pals.

Get at me if you want a Whizbanger Show sticker! No matter where you be in the world, I will send you one. Or two. Phenomenal!

As I said on the show this week, I have a goal to play music Fuzzy Cracklins from The Swamp Records has never heard. He texted me during the show, and in the first ten minutes, I’d reached my goal. I’ll have to get back to him and see who else is on that list.

Meanwhiles, here’s the playlist! If you dig these bands, please let them know. Follow them on social media, and if you can swing it, throw some money their way on Bandcamp.

Next week is a “Your Favorite Hessian Obsession Track,” and I’m already busting at the seams. These all-request shows are turning out to be more fun than I’d ever thought. It looks like that sorta thing is gon’ be in regular rotation here at Whizbanger Headquarters.

Cheers, y’all!

Blackwater Holylight (Riding Easy Records)- Spiders

1386 (Independent) – Fiya

Sour Cream (Independent) – Grim Reefer

Tines (Independent) – Thin Blue Line

Puresonic Outcasts (The Swamp Records) – Sand Queen

F29 (Independent) – Ghosting the Apocalypse

Snail (Small Stone Recordings) – Born in Captivity – 2015 Feral

Slow Phase (Fuzzy Mind Records) – Psychedelic Man

Skunk (Fuzzy Mind Records) – Forest Nymph

Dungeon Weed (Fuzzy Mind Records) – Sorcerer with the Skull Face

Thee Arthur Layne (Independent) – The Slowdown

Orphan Devil (Gates of Hell Records) – Drifting Away

1945 (Independent) – Perfect Final

Tombstoned (Svart Records) – And I Told You

Rosy Finch (Lay Bare Recordings) – Gin Fizz

Dead Panda (The Swamp Records) – Demon Rum

Gorilla Wizard (Independent) – Smashasaurus

Sumerlands (Relapse Records) – Blind

Scene Killers  (No Front Teeth Records) – Divided

Furies (Independent) – Voodoo Chains

Hot Breath (The Sign Records) – Still Not Dead

The Mountain Goats (4AD) – No Children


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