23 May 2020

Podcast for The Whizbanger Show 22 May – Brutality and Gorgeosity Edition!

Miss The Whizbanger Show? Have no fear, the Podcast is here! Had a blast playing the rebels, the feminists, and the anarchists and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

This week you’ll hear the smooth sounds of Yat Kha, Electric Citizen, Savage Master, Totem, All Pigs Must Die, The Abodox, Voivod, Nervosa, Castrator, Vastum, Dysteria, Cretin, Lesbian, Tribe 8, Black Flag, Big Black, Cloud Rat, Ye Goat-Herd Gods, Baest, Horn of the Rhino, Leather Lung, Whiskey Ritual, All Hell, and Witchaven

Cheers, Y’all!