03 May 2020

Podcast for The Whizbanger Show 1985-1990 Nostagia Show!

I had a great time rockin out with you today! If you missed the show, here’s what you can listen to (or listen to again) from May 1, 2020’s 1985-1990 nostalgia trip.

Tragedy – Taking the 5th on Disco Mountain

Satanic Rites Slam The Door

Lee Aaron – Evil Game

Accept – Living for Tonight 

Chained Lace – Black Widow

Candlemass – Under the Oak

Angeles del Infierno – No Hay Tiempo

Crumbsuckers – Shits Creek 

Slayer – Piece by Piece

Metal Church – Psycho 

DRI – No Religion

Exodus – Brain Dead 

Sepultura – Septic Schitzo

Possessed – The Heretic

King Diamond – Omens 

Trouble  – Tuesday’s Child

Warbride  – Slaves Of The Sword

Faith No More – New Improved Song 

Forbidden – Off the Edge

Death  – Pull the Plug 

Obituary – Gates to Hell 

Neurosis – Self-Doubt 

Ministry – Thieves

Skid Row – Piece of me 

L7 – Fast and Frightening

Judas Priest – Painkiller