01 November 2020

Podcast for The Whizbanger-Rule Breakers-Sound of the Underground Show Halloween 2020

I’d say we put our mark on Halloween pretty darn well. It was me, Moon & Stars, and Lexi Francis at the wheel this year as we banded together to create a very special serial killer/angry women special just for you, our favorite listener! See if you can guess who chose which song. Reply to me, Sara Whizbnger, and I’ll take the third person who guesses correctly! Just choose two songs and attach them to the correct deejays. Match correctly and I’ll send you a couple of Whizbanger Show stickers, no matter where  you are in the world!


Here’s who we played:

  1. The Rolling Stones – Midnight Rambler
  2. Ozzy Osbourne– Junkie
  3. Marilyn Manson -The Nobodies
  4. SKYND – Gary Heidnik
  5. Jane’s Addiction – Ted, Just Admit it
  6. Sonic Youth w/Lydia Lunch – Death Valley
  7. Nick Cave & PJ Harvey – Henry Lee
  8. Siouxsie & The Banshees – Night Shift
  9. The Adverts – Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
  10. Lunachicks – Drop Dead
  11. L7 – Shitlist
  12. War on Women – Meathead
  13. 7 Year Bitch – Dead Men Don’t Rape
  14. Judas Priest – Better By You Better Than Me
  15. AC/DC – Night Prowler
  16. Rob Zombie– The Devil’s Rejects
  17. Mayhem – Chainsaw Gutsfuck
  18. Satyricon -Now Diabolical
  19. Immortal -Demonium
  20. Nervosa – Wake Up and Fight


Check out Lexi Francis on The Rule Breakers Show every Tuesday from 8-10 pm GMT. Pester the heck out of #moonandstars (find her on Insta) so she’ll come back and do the Sound of the Underground again!


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