21 January 2020

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 18th January 2020

This week, featuring;

Anthrax – Got the time
Michael Monroe – One man gang
Dead Girls Academy- Everything
Aerosmith – Don’t want to miss a thing
Little Angels – Splendid Isolation
Bruce Springsteen – Sleepy Joe’s Cafe
Queen – Too much love will kill you
Stone Broken – Not your enemy
Shyynne – Go your own way
Lynard Skynyrad – Simple Man
The Treatment – Hang them high
Mason Hill – Hold on
The Spangles – I don’t wanna go
Therapy? – Jude the Obscene
Faith No More – Take this bottle
Van Halen – runaround
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Naked in the rain
Terrorvision – Perseverance
INXS – Good sensation
The Addiction – Cut the wire
Might Mighty Bosstones – Rascal King
The Black Spiders – KISS tried to kil me
Loz Campbell – Back biting the bullet
Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons-Ringleader
Vixen – Cryin’
Thunder – Wonder years
Gone Savage – Bulletproof