12 May 2019

Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 11/5/19


Another beltin’ episode of The Pete K Mally Breakfast Show, including listeners choice, great album – bad cover, a new selection of the old trusty guards and the new recruits of the rock world….Including..

Europe – Rock the Night

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Turn it in

Collateral – Midnight Queen

SKAM – Bring the rain

The amorattes – Easy tiger

Gasoline Outlaws – Livin’ this way

Trucker Diablo – Other side of the city

Aerosmith – Dueces are Wild

Empyre – My immortal

The Howling Tides – Cheap Painkiller

Coyote Mad Seeds – Get outta my way

Marillion -Invisible Ink

Gilby Clarke – Pawnshop guitars

Kid Rock – All summer long

The Outlaw Orchestra -See you in Hell

Metallica – Turn the page

Girlschool – Race with the devil

Gin Annie – Fallin’

Jack J Hutchinson – Rattlesnake Woman