08 February 2020

Pete K Mally 8th February 2020

The Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 8th February

Featuring, this week;

Skid Row – Piece of Me

The Addiction – Cut the Wire

Gallows Circus – Shotgun with the Decil

Fish – Credo

Queen – Father to Son

Massive – Dance Floor

Elvis – In the Ghetto

Theia – Throw me a bone

Inglorious – Where are you now

Cancel the Transmission – In your Armjs Tonight

Revival Black – No Secrets, No lies

Scarlet Rebels – Noone else to blame

Ravebreed – Lonely

Kaine – Loudwire

Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters – Give it all youve got

Black Crowes – No speak, no slave

Michael Munroe – Wasted Years

Jon Bon Jovi – Billy, Get your guns

Midnite City – i just cant take it

Western Road – Dark Horse

Bryan Adams – She’s only happy when she’s dancing

Dead Shed Jokers -Aesopica#15

Skunk Anansie – Follow me Down

Amongst Liars – Over and Over