21 October 2019

Pedal To The Metal With Mark Parker 19.10.2019

Another chance to listen to the show which was broadcasted on the 19th October 2019.
Featuring music from:

Lacuna Coil – Black Anima
Wayward Sons – Punchline
Starcrawler – Bet My Brains
Don Henley – New York Minute
Eclipse – Never Gonna Be Like You
Stone Broken – Let Me Go
Clutch – Electric Worry
Clutch – A Quick Death In Texas
Death Valley Knights – Shut Up and Drink
Jack Rabbit Slams – Come And Go
Nocturne Wulf – Necrodancer
Millenium – World War 3
A Joker Among Thieves – Preacher’s Daughter
Gentlemen’s Brawl – These Four Walls
Gallow’s Circus – Shotgun Radio Edit
Troyen – Lady Evil
Royal Bloom – Flakes Of Snow
King Voodoo – TVC
Babymetal – In The Name Of
Down ‘n’ Outz – Boys Don’t Cry
White Raven Down – Not Alone
Wardruna – Raido
Warmen – Accept the Fact
Varkan – The Revenge Of The Black Queen

Want Something Played on The show? Drop me an E @ pedaltothemetal@mmhradio.co.uk