04 July 2018

Oli Brown at The Globe Cardiff – 27/7/18

You know every now and then even I am surprised. Although my first love is the Blues I enjoy many other musical genres . . . basically if it is good then I can appreciate it.

Imagine how shocked I was to find myself enjoying the most electrifying performance from Oli Brown to an almost empty house!!!! Oh well let’s get back to the review. The short version is that I was genuinely speechless at just how good Oli Brown was or rather is. It is without doubt helped by a more than competent support of the very talented Aaron Spears (his bandmate from Raveneye and Wayne Proctor on drums.

From the very start, kicking off with the electrifying Thinking About You I knew I was in for a hell of a night. Oli’s guitar playing is just mental. One minute he is growling at you through dirty Blues/rock riffs and then gently caressing you with a sensitive and suave sophistication that does in now way suggest he is all over the place with his music. There were moments when he had us all eating out of his hands with songs like  Speechless  and the amazing Love Has Gone Cold.

We were treated to an equally good support act as Aaron Spears gave us an acoustic set including his own compositions but he also provides a strong support on bass that you can see before your own eyes seems to free up Oli to do what he does best.

Love Has Taken Its Toll and Manic Bloom just drew us even further an further under his spell before closing with the fantastic Roxanne and a brief but fun cover of Ram Jam’sBlack Betty.

Oli Brown is an accomplished musician who clearly understands how the Blues ought to be played. But he is so much more than just another Blues guitarist. He really seems to bear his soul through his music – oodles of passion thrown into his craft leaving him understandably spent at the end of the evening.

This reviewer intends following Oli Brown’s career very closely. Oli Brown is an artist who will be around for a very long time yet. hence my utter shock at the lack of bums on seats at the gig.

For goodness sake music lovers, if you want top blues from a passionate artist then Oli Brown is your man. I urge you, no I insist that you see him live as soon as you get the chance. You will not regret it.