04 December 2019

Nightwish – Decades Live in Buenos Aires

Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish bring us a whopping 21-track live album, recorded in Buenos Aires. The recorded album “Decades” was released in 2018, with some remastering of older material, and was the band’s seventh release. This 2-disk live album will be available this December 2019. Live albums are always quite risque moves, as it really is a make or break point in whether or not the lead vocalist can actually perform well. You can hear all the nitty gritty parts. So what did we think of Nightwish’s “Decades” in full live glory?

First up is “Swanheart”, which successfully warms the audience up. As the Native American-Indian-sounding intro plays you can hear murmurs from the crowd, cheering ahead of the what will only turn into chaos. “End Of All Hope” takes us into that very chaos. Orchestrated and powerful, it’s a great start to the set. The sound quality is excellent, and it’s great to be able to hear how talented the band are. No disappointment here!
“Élan” is another track which came through strong on this album. You are able to hear the vocalists clearly, and the band start to interact more with the crowd. You can hear clapping as the intro sets in, and I definitely imagine some head-bopping going on. Maybe some lighters.

There are a couple of songs which I think are not as strong live as others, such as “Dead Boy’s Poem”, because they are very longed-out. This 6:50 minute track would, to me, become very tedious when stood at a gig. Saying that, the crowd do still seem rhapsodic during this song – so maybe that’s something that’s down to personal preference. Aren’t we all concert connoisseurs by this point?

The opening of “I Want My Tears Back” is an absolute roar, and the song continues to be as fun and upbeat until its end. It’s definitely one of my favourite on this album. Not just because of the tempo, but the crowd’s enthusiasm as well. I also love the combination of metal with slight country-mimicking elements from the guitars. The crowd cheer for a solid 15 seconds before the track comes to an end.
Another eruption comes from their classic “Amaranth”. The song is sung flawlessly, and reverts me back to when I first heard the song. It’s on par with its recorded version in terms of quality, which is a big tick for any band.

Overall, a really great live album. Each component can be heard clearly, and it’s great to also hear the enthusiasm of the crowd throughout. I think the album really captures the raw talent of the band, and the power behind the “Decades” album. If you haven’t seen Nightwish live before, this album will make you want to!


  • “Élan”
  • “I Want My Tears Back”
  • “Slaying The Dreamer”

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