28 June 2020

Moon And Stars- Sound Of The Underground-26.06.20

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This week on Sound Of The Underground

  1. Xaemora-At Dusk Of Existence
  2. Dimmu Borgir-In Deaths Embrace
  3. Vermilia-Taivas Hjaa Haatog
  4. Nachtmystium-I Wait In Hell
  5. Carpathian Forest-Lunar Nights
  6. Mork-I Sluket Av Myra
  7. Death-Symbolic
  8. Hornwood Fell-The Joyous Defunc
  9. Bofo Bwo-The Massacre
  10. Kirkenbraan-Faux Pass
  11. Entartung-Bortford
  12. Vespoloch-Nompe
  13. Existential Emptiness- Underneath Tomb