26 August 2021


My five this time are mainly based on recent festivals and seeing live bands again, it’s so good to be back at the barrier, travelling the length and breadth of the UK and meeting up with long lost gig buddies!  

FLORENCE BLACK / SUN & MOON  – Storming performance at both Steelhouse and Just Push Play recently, they are one of the bands of the moment and the soon to be released, debut album is widely anticipated to be one of the best this year. I’ve chosen the latest single, although it could be any from their setlist. The cover of Budgie’s ‘Breadfan’ is also remarkable.  https://youtu.be/iuuSNNch65M

WESTERN SAND / WELCOME TO THE BADLANDS  – Just seen these at Nozfest in Southampton and they were pretty amazing. Although third band on the bill at 3pm, they were captivating and I will definitely be on the lookout for Western Sand again soon.  https://youtu.be/J-xHWUpDtgc

THE HOT ONE TWO / TIE ME DOWN  – A new band for me and another I saw at Just Push Play, so much energy and I loved their sound. They were on first and their performance was a great start to the festival. Watch the video below and check them out   

THE TREATMENT / LETS GET DIRTY  – Headlining at Nozfest was their first gig in 18 months, they released so much energy on that stage and you could see how much it meant to them to be back. One of the best live bands around, nonstop ferocious and raw sounding rock and roll.                    https://youtu.be/dwGIRmPzURw

STEEL RHINO / BOOM BOOM    This is a collaboration between Mikael Rosengren, drummer of Bai Bang and Dirty Passion fame and the brilliant Herbie Langhans, best known as vocalist for Firewind and Avantasia. What a scorcher of a song this is, Mikael wanted to do a record that was heavier than his usual projects and this hits the nail on the head.    https://youtu.be/5gbEm9hFq3c

Me done for another couple of months, remember MMH REPEAT OFFENDERS is a weekly blog by us reviewers, where we give you an update on what we are currently playing or listening to, you know, those ear-worms that stay in your head. 

Photo Credit for feature pic – Rob Wilkins at Celtography