05 April 2019

MMH-50 Years Of Metal-20th April

As you may of recently seen the team at Midlands Metalheads Radio are hosting a full day and evening event  in the home of heavy metal Birmingham on the 20th April at the Hammer And Anvil.  The event is free and in celebration of 50 year’s of metal.We would personally like to invite new and upcoming bands to come and join us between the hours of 13:00 till 16:00 where we will be offering you free,


  • Band promo shoots
  • A chance for you to give out your demos/eps.
  • A chance for you to sell your merch
  • Interviews
  • Jam session’s available.(Book in to avoid disappointment)
  • A chance to win one of our advertisement packages for 1 whole month
  • Come see our recruitment team as we are looking volunteers to join the station
  • Our advertisement packages the the station offers


And if that’s not enough we would also like to interview you,the fans of metal on your best memories over the past 50 year’s and what memories mean the most to you.During the day leading up to the evening you will have chance to see our Djs live and a set from special guest’s Gin Annie. Keep an eye on our news feed as we have more in store for you as this won’t be the end so we offer you guys to stick around and see what else the night has to offer!