08 March 2019


This is the 11th Solo album from the Danish heartthrob. Mike Tramp has matured, his hair god status with White Lion is a thing of the past. The grunge/funk beating rebel in Freak OF Nature now also tamed. These days Mike is a well accomplished solo performer, who has learned from what went before. With hard work, he has carved a successful path, taking him around the globe. His song writing is as cool as ever, STRAY FROM THE FLOCK is a well balanced and poetic piece of handiwork.  

Soft and swirling tones, rise like a storm behind Mike’s mild mannered vocals and we have embarked on ‘No End To War’. Over 8 minutes of a sombre, yet captivating first track. With epic production, it’s a masterpiece. The first single release, ’Dead End Ride’ is more of a cruise along the highway. An easy going and a gentle journey that doesn’t push the limits, but is so pleasant to hear. The tempo goes up a notch or two for the rocky ‘You Ain’t Free Anymore’. Groovy, with a down and dirty feel, so different from the previous numbers. Lovely guitar work and very appealing.

‘One Last Mission’ continues the edginess from the Dane, we hear more loosely melodic and soulful strains. This is so incredibly good on the ears. I think ‘Live It Out ‘ is so Springsteen, a wonderful song, again bounding over the cobbles to delight us. The song ‘Messiah’ takes us down again, more splendid guitar mixed with Tramp’s rendering tones , lots of La,La,La’s to sing along to. The ride carries on and takes us to ‘Best Days Of My Life’, it’s a lively jaunt and Mike’s voice is so engaging, as he reminisces about childhood. The album finishes with ‘Die With A Smile on Your Face’ and we end with a slow moving song, that grasps the fact that living a happy and fulfilled life, is all that matters. 

All said and done this is quite a heartfelt and soul searching recording. It is so easy to lose yourself during its tranquil moments. But it also takes you deep inside your head and asks questions, so cleverly done.

Mr Tramp returns to our UK shores, for an extensive tour in April. The album is available now to download or can be found on Vinyl, CD and even Cassette. 

‘A heartfelt and soul searching recording’

Highlights – No End to War, You Ain’t Free Anymore, One Last Mission.

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