30 April 2021

Memphis Stone & The Elevators take you Higher with their brand new single out 22nd April MMH

Memphis Stone & The Elevators proudly release their fast-paced and upbeat new rock song  ‘Higher’ on 22nd April through T&L Records.

‘Higher’ features soaring guitars and Hammond organ over solid driving drums and bass capped off  with soulful vocals. All wrapped up with what is turning out to be a trademark modern production of  Matt Hay (Robbie Williams, The Who)

Listen here to ‘Higher’ https://open.spotify.com/track/5c9oficgTiA4gWMIx1iURb?si=059067fc6e3d4f01

From its first crashing chord, this track does what it says – it lifts you “Higher“. Not in a celestial  way, but in a “grab you by the balls”, “you have no choice” way. It has a “turn this one up” and

“bang out the drum on the steering wheel” sound that’ll make you run faster, sing louder and  wake up that little bit of your soul that didn’t hear the alarm clock this morning.

After encouraging the legendary singer and soul’s most famous best kept secret, Memphis Stone,  back out of retirement to form Memphis Stone and The Elevators, Tom Weaver and Lenny Bonetti,  along with Memphis recorded ‘Higher’ at Sunshine Corner Studios in Fleet, which is owned and run  by Steve “Smiley” Barnard (whose playing credits include Robbie Williams, Joe Strummer, The Alarm  and Archive).

‘Higher’ is an uplifting tale of being completely off your face on a Nepalese mountain side watching  the world go on around you and questioning your part in it all.

Big, bold and relentlessly energetic this single will take you higher and elevate your soul.  To stream / DL ‘Higher’ go to: https://open.spotify.com/track/5c9oficgTiA4gWMIx1iURb?si=059067fc6e3d4f01