20 August 2019

Marco Mendoza, Viva La Rock Tour. The Station, Cannock 14th August

Marco Mendoza, Viva La Rock Tour. Cannock, England 14th August, 2019

Marco Mendoza has the pedigree of a superstar. Playing with the likes of Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders and recently The Dead Daisies, he could have easily come out to a crowd in Cannock on a Wednesday evening, played a few hits and called it a day. However, if you know or ever seen Mr Mendoza live you know that will never be the case. Immediately he had the audience clapping along to Sunshine of your love, a tribute to the power of a trio on the stage. If Cream can own the stage as a three-piece, Marc Mendoza, Kyle Hughes and Micky McCrystal surely can and within a minute of the start you know that playtime has begun.
Sweetest Emotion soon kicks in where Marco makes his introductions and persuades the audience to click along. If you believe an experienced hand likes Marco will just play and exit you are wrong. This is already a truly interactive experience. The music and the humour emit from Mendoza and soon enough we are all included as Marco himself walks through the audience singing Lennon’s Give peace a chance. Arriving back on the stage the band hit into Rocketman, the second song from the incredible Viva La Rock album. Throwing a new song in the mix and outstanding covers of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground and Thin Lizzy’s Chinatown and Jailbreak, with Adam from the Addiction helping out this performance is simply top drawer. Finally, we are welcomed to Viva La Rock the title track from his new album and the end is nigh.
This performance is a masterclass of both showing off a recently new album, highlighting a back catalogue and reminding the audience that Marco Mendoza is not simply a bassist, but a great vocalist, a superb frontman and above all a world class entertainer.
What a Wednesday evening. The music, the atmosphere, the charm and the class. Thank you, Marco.
Viva la Rock.


Photo Credit: Aggie Anthimidou Photography