16 January 2018

The Lost Art with The Progmeister 14.1.18 – “Get Your Act Together” featuring Francis Dunnery interview

Interview with Francis Dunnery (recorded AFTER the show went out live on 14.1.18)
Spock’s Beard – Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr Ryo Okumoto on Keyboards !! (Live)
It Bites – Still Too Young To Remember (Live)
Lifesigns – Telephone (Live)
A-Ha – Sycamore Leaves
Unitopia – Decameron Day Day 6 Tale 9
Huxley Would Approve – Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
Acolyte – Shades Of Black
Strawbs – New World
Francis Dunnery – Underneath Your Pillow
Ozric Tentacles – Myriapod (Live)
Pallas – Shadow Of The Sun
RPWL – Perfect Day
Pyramids On Mars – Sailing The Oceans Of Neptune
Return To Forever – Duel Of the Jester And The Tyrant (Live)
Crippled Black Phoenix – Champions Of Disturbance Pts 1 and 2
Greenslade – Joie De Vivre (Live)


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