08 November 2021

Losin It With Luscious #73- Marco No Front Teeth & tons more punk!

On Show #73, hear 5 new bands featuring Marco/No Front Teeth- La Rabbia, X-Intruder, Illegal Leather, Iris Paralysis, Zulezt- more new punk from City Mouse, Holy Wars, Mr. T Experience, U.T.I., Baabes, Schattenmann, Hellpie, The Chisel, Cruzados, Cross-Stitched Eyes, Nox Novacula, classics from Arnocorps, NOFX, This Is My Fist, Hip Priests, Zygote, Nunslaughter, Lard, Good Charlotte, Black Fork, Billy No-Mates, Andew W.K., Dead Moon, Alice Bag, Rats, and the Luscious Listener’s Choice!

Cross Stitched Eyes- DMT
Nox Novacula- Pray For Sleep
Mr. T Experience- New Girlfriend
Mr. T Experience- Sex Offender
NOFX- Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
City Mouse- Get Out Of Here
Arnocorps- Commando
Baabes- Bad Boy Worse Drugs
Hip Priests- Sha Na Na Na Nihilist
U.T.I.- Gone
Black Fork- Mosquito
Black Fork- Dirty Faced Kid (’95 Demo)
This Is My Fist- Last Of The Ammunition
Billy No-Mates- If These Street Could Talk
Schattenmann- Chaos
Andrew W.K.- It’s Time To Party
Andrew W.K.- Party Hard
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Let Me Go
Rats- Working Class
Dead Moon- Milk Cow Blues
Alice Bag- Blueprint
Cruzados- She’s Automatic
Good Charlotte- I Want Candy
Chisel- Criminal Crew
Illegal Leather- I Wanna Be By Myself
La Rabbia- Ideological Weapon
X-Intruder- Conveyor Belt
Iris Paralysis- Knowledge From Memory
Zulezt- A Thousand Ways
Holy Wars- Get Mine
Lard- Faith, Hope, and Treachery
Hellpie- Rise
Nunslaughter- Church Of Disgust
Nunslaughter- Jesus Is Doomed
Zygote- Scarred

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