26 February 2020

Live Review – Babymetal at Eventim Apollo 2020

It’s February 23rd and Babymetal are taking to the stage in London, on their Metal Galaxy World Tour 2020. From what I’ve seen of Babymetal before, which has been exclusively at Download Festival, I was interested to see how they did at their own headlining show.

The girls opened up with DA DA DANCE, which, in my opinion, was a good choice as the song goes with the tour’s namesake, and is a fairly heavy mash-up for a galactic track. It’s not a song I particularly enjoyed from the studio album, as it’s very heavily auto-tuned. But seeing it live gave it a new lease of life, to a certain degree.
When I heard their new album Metal Galaxy for the first time, Shanti Shanti Shanti was my favourite song from the get go. I think I enjoyed the fact that Babymetal were dipping into other territories with it, and it was a little bit different from the other tracks. Seeing it live didn’t change that for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It had a good beat, and felt a bit more organic.

“BxMxC” was another favourite song I had heard, as it was one of the few songs from the band that I felt was true to the “metal” in Babymetal. It was a great song to see live, and the energy from the crowd really put the cherry on top. Again, it was very different to the other tracks but this really made it stand out. It was worthy of a circle pit.
“KARATE” is another song which I get this from. It’s a bit heavier, but this is something that I find when comparing their new album to the older tracks – the newer stuff seems to be leaving the metal behind a bit, with a few exceptions. When the few exceptions do come into play, however, they do not disappoint.

They played a few of my favourite Babymetal songs, like “Megitsune” and “Gimme Chocolate!”, which are the ones that always get the crowd going. They’re catchy and provide even the most elitist metal head with a bit of fun. As expected, the crowd joins in with the few dance moves they know, and creates a circle pit when it is demanded. They were just as fun to see live at this gig as they are at Download Festival.
“Oh! MAJINAI” was also quite different to what Babymetal usually dish out, with pirate themed instrumentals and creepy captain voices telling us about something bad. I’m not sure it’s quite the track for me, or whether it really fits on an album about the galaxy, but it’s a harmlessly fun song – and I’m sure Alestorm would approve.

All in all, Babymetal are a good live band. They have such high energy, and I’m not sure how they keep up with dancing and singing, when I can’t talk as I’m walking without losing my breath on most days. They command a crowd quite effortlessly, and it’s always fun to observe people going wild at their shows. I think, as well, people forget that music can be fun too. Metal and rock likes to do kawaii choreography too, and it’s not ashamed to do so.