10 February 2014

JUNKSISTA bring the dirty funk to Rivetheads!

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JUNKSISTA is a name anyone who listens to the Rivetheads Radio Show should recognise. We have long been addicted to the sexy and distracting vibes in their seductive blend of electro alternative and dirty funk. Did I mention DIRTY? JUNKSISTA are sexy provocative and electro-addict Diana and highly skilled guitarist and perfectionist studio guru Boog. Their latest release in the album “Bad Case of Fabulous” on Alfa-Matrix records. John E Smoke dons his oven gloves and sees exactly how hot to handle JUNKSISTA are….

JES – Welcome to Rivetheads world, and many thanks for taking the time out to tantalise us with some Q&A. How the heck are you?

Diana: I am fine! very busy and slightly stressed, but fine! Got a few new tattoos recently, so I am still on endorphins a little.

Boog: Really excited at the moment because there’s lots of things happening right now in the Junksista world…

junkJES – I’m going to warm things up with a quote from your facebook page that sticks in my mind, “our sound is like pure, wet sexual Intercourse, liquefied into a smooth lube and then ritually smeared over a virgins clit by a strap-on wearing super-babe with 3 tits”. That is certainly an attention grabbing into, but the key question in my mind is “are the 3 tits in a line or is one of them above/below the other two?”. See, we get right down to the serious topics here when we need to…

Diana: When we wrote this, we had the three-titted (does this word even exists!?) woman of Total Recall in mind! Her boobies are kind of in a line i think. Either way, a third tit is certainly a positive feature, as long as the location is the chest area. I don’t know how I’d like a third tit on the forehead or the elbow.

JES – I’ve seen your sound described elsewhere as “electroporn/electroclash music”. Is that a tag you are happy with or can live with? If my gran asked you what sort of music you made what would you say then?

Diana: I think I am going to forbid any questions about the category or definition of our music, simply because I can’t answer them..haha! I really don’t give a damn about tags but I think they can be helpful for people to know what to expect. It helps when you wanna promote your music. In our case it’s not that easy. Some songs sound like minimal electro, others like industrial, others have a house vibe. We enjoy it way too much, to whore around in all the different genres.

Boog: If there’s a drawer that someone wants to put us in it’s fine for me, I know that there’s nothing worse for a reviewer than the average band info where it’s stated that no drawer fits. But I really think it’s difficult with us because we are totally obsessed by certain musical elements as opposed to styles. We both like the term „funky“ a lot but this doesn’t make us a funk band, does it? We totally enjoy rock guitars but we are no rock band either. So maybe the fact that we are using lots of synthetic sounds and beats could point vaguely in the electro direction…

JES – I get a cookery vibe from your work, vegan cookie recipes on youtube, the video for ‘Naked, Wet and Hot’ also features an interesting kitchen device, and song titles such as “All You Can Eat”. Is cooking sexy for you? How can we, your audience, spice up our kitchen lives?

Diana: To me cooking is totally sexy! I cook a lot and I am totally awesome at it. Since I’m vegan it’s not that easy to find good food in restaurants. Actually I keep having more ideas for food-themed music videos, but enough is enough haha!

Boog: My wife is a chef so that should say it all

JES – You are writing a releasing as a two piece at the moment, Diane and Boog. I’ve also seen footage of JUNKSISTA performing with a bigger line up at the launch of the album. What can people expect from a typical JUNKSISTA show, if there is such a thing?

Diana: With electronic music, it’s always hard to deliver a great live experience. We’ve been asked to do DJ sets, but that’s not an option for us. We want it to rock! We want the beats to be electronic, so we bring a sampler for that, but of course Boog is rocking hard with his guitar, Gaelle Cinnamon supports us live by playing keyboard/vocoder and guitar. So people can expect a clubby sound, crazy guitar solos and some of my slightly awkward humour of course.

junklifeJES – “Bad Case of Fabulous” is a Rivetheads favourite as you well know! It includes some of your earlier singles such as “Paranoid” and “Naked Wet Hot” and new single “Life is Unfair (and Love is a Bitch)”. How long did it take to write and produce the album? Have you started work on any new material?

Diana: I don’t think we can give you a time frame for the work on “Bad Case Of Fabulous”. The first version of “Naked Wet Hot” was written in 2004, “Don’t know love” was written a couple of days before our deadline. It’s our first album, so we wanted to add everything we had ready at this point and we thought was good enough to be on the album. I think it gives an idea of what Junksista is about! We have a rather big collection of new demos already. For the next one, we’ll do it different. We want to take a couple of weeks to finish the best demos for album #2! We’ll see how that works out! Also we’re planning some collaborations for it. The amazing Jane Badler already agreed. This will be fun!

Boog: There’s a saying that you have your whole life for that first album and then half a year for the next – that’s totally true, we learned so many things on producing  “Bad Case Of Fabulous“ that took us that long but now we kind of know what we are doing, so I’m really excited about producing in a more stringent time frame…

JES – In the digital age, do you think single and album formats are still important?

Diana: Hard to say. We can see that releasing an album has a far bigger impact than releasing a single. I see them more as a teaser for the album. I also think it’s a good thing that people don’t need to buy a whole album anymore…like back then in the times of CDs! I think the format matters mostly from a promotional point of view!

Boog: For me the album should draw a picture of what a band is all about at that moment so I enjoy listening to whole albums of my favourite bands rather than only singles

JES – I’ve read a lot about your influences and comparisons that have been made to your music, such as Garbage, Bjork, Peaches, Daft Punk, Goldfrapp and so on. Throw us a curve ball, what would be the influence on your music that might surprise our readers the most?

Diana: From my side that would definitely be the 90s eurodance trash! I am totally into that. I listen to it a lot and I could shake my ass to 2Unlimited anytime! I remember the first demo of “All You Can Eat” that I recorded, sounded totally like that. Boog didn’t think it was funny and got rid of all those sounds. At first I wanted to kill him but yeah…I guess we made the song sound cool in the end haha!

Boog: It’s no secret that I am listening to metal a lot but that is certainly not the sound where I get inspiration for Junksista. I really like funky stuff like old tower of power or the recent Daft Punk album so that’s perhaps where I get a kind of “groovy“ attitude for our sound. Since Diana really is into that funky sound herself that certainly sums up as a bigger influence.

 JES – The special edition of the album includes lots of bonus remixes from bands like Diffuzion, Aesthetische and Helalyn Flowers.. How do you feel about the remix culture within the scene? A good thing or a step too far sometimes?

Diana: I love it actually. We got to work with many great artists, got to know them quite well! There are some very nice people signed on Alfa Matrix for sure! What I don’t like is to only work with label mates. Alfa Matrix mostly signs goth/industrial bands. It’s not always helpful to do remixes only within that scene as we clearly don’t really fit in anyway. But we always reach out to bands outside the label and have a lot of contacts there too.

JES – Standard Rivetheads questions time! I ask this of all our victims. What was the first piece of music you remember buying with your own money? And what is the most recent? Tell us a little about these.

Diana: My first was Prince (Diamonds and Pearls) and Scorpions (Wind of change). I remember buying those two Albums after I had purchased my very first CD player. My very first tape was Michael Jackson (Bad), but my mother paid for it!

Boog: Is that really necessary – so be it… Thriller by Michael Jackson, but don’t tell anyone!

JES – What are the key components of the JUNKSISTA studio? Essential hardware and software?

Diana: We have two studios, each of us has a well equipped one at home. We both sacrificed a room in our homes for that. I work with Logic 9 and need to upgrade to Logic X soon. We discovered a new Synth called “Diva”. We’re obsessing with it!! I also work with quite some NI synths, NI Maschine, iMaschine, Microkorg and of course my awesome Neumann Mic. Then I have my Musicman Sterling HS, Fender Precision Custom and Human Base X-Over Basses. That’s only the essentials I guess…lol there is so much more. No wonder I am constantly broke.

Boog: I own a bunch of guitars which made it on some tracks: a 81′ Les Paul, a Paul Reed Smith and a Peavey Wolfgang. I mix and master our stuff on my beloved Mackie HR824 Monitors which sound really great after I had some acoustic treatment for my studio. For plugins Diana and me try to stay compatible for obvious reasons… A key tool that I purchased last year is the fishman triple play guitar pickup, which basically allows me to play every sound I want on my guitar so I don’t have the need for an external keyboard!

JES – I’ve listened to your album on the way to work sometimes, and it is distracting! It is hard to knuckle down (to work at least!) after listening to it. Do you hear lots of stories about what people get up to when they listen to your music? junksista-bio

Diana: Yes! One of my favourites is that a DJ told us, he is playing lots of our stuff in an SM / fetish club during the SM shows. Isn’t that brilliant!? I also like it when people tell us that the album made them laugh!

JES – Thank you so much for spending some time with us Rivetheads/Metalheads. Is there anything you’d like to say before we go our separate ways and “Aim for the hole”?

Diana: First – yes, you gotta keep aiming for the hole! Also, I wanna announce something VERY important: We’re about to release JUNK GALORE. It’s a giant step for us. A few months ago, we sat together and talked about the fact, that we’re unhappy with Facebook and Twitter and the kind of relation you can have with your fans there. Facebook is hiding your posts, only around 5% of your fans even see them. Also we don’t want it to be limited to official announcements, sharing links etc. We want more interaction and we feel deeply thankful for the support. So we wanted to give something back. That’s how JUNK GALORE was born. People can log in there and reach a hidden part of our website. There they will find free downloads, previews that no one else gets, photos you can only see there, they can get a free postcard sent to them, They can win prizes, they can upload fan art, they can be in touch with us personally, whenever they want. Later this year, we wanna broadcast gigs from our rehearsal room that fans can watch live on JUNK GALORE. We are totally excited about this and hope that many fans will join and enjoy all the exclusive content! That would be all….


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