02 February 2014

Jet Noir talks about Naked Lunches, Coffee and Horror

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Jet Noir is no stranger to Rivetheads Radio, with a number of her songs getting good feedback and requests from our listeners. Her music is a combination of EBM and electonica with ethereal and captivating vocals. She is also a model, a contributor to Domain of Horror and also now a member of the recently reformed band Naked Lunch. It is a wonder than she has any spare time to talk to the likes of us ruffians, but that is what she has done. John E Smoke steals some time and words from the lips of Jet Noir.

JES – Welcome Jet, how the devil are you?

JN – I Am Well, Thank You. 2014 is Shaping Up to Being a Wonderful Year Already.

JES – I’ve known you for around a year now, in date order, as a solo recording artist, a model, as a Domain of Horror contributor and as a member of Naked Lunch. Is there anything missing for the list, and what order would you put it in?

Jet Noir (2)JN – I Am Also Head of Promotions at Sub Culture Records which is the Label Naked Lunch are Signed To. I Would Say that Naked Lunch and Sub Culture are My Most Important Commitments. I Do Plan to Take On More Modelling Assignments this Year as I’ve been on a Bit of a Break and Would Like to Get Back Into It while I’m Still Getting Lots of Offers. Everything Else is Kind of on the Backburner Right Now. There Simply aren’t Enough Hours in the Day.

JES – Are we to hear more solo Jet Noir material soon? Your material has gone down a storm with our listeners on Rivetheads Radio and they are demanding more!

JN – I Would Like to Take this Opportunity to Thank Rivetsheads Radio for All the Support. It Means a Lot and I’m Very Grateful. I Am Going to be Touring with Naked Lunch and Recording the New Material, I Have also Been Asked by Fellow Labelmates Cronos Titan about a Possible Vocal Contribution, and I Hope This Will Happen as a Part of this Years Musical Ventures. It is Unlikely I Will Release Any Solo Tracks Until Maybe Late 2014 as I’m Going to be so Busy.

JES – How did your involvement in Naked Lunch come about? Were you aware of their legacy/history when you joined up? What do you see as your role within the band?

JN – I Was Familiar with Naked Lunch from Hearing ‘Slipping Again’ on the Trevor Jackson Metal Dance Album. I Had Known Tony Mayo Socially for a Few Years and We Had Discussed Working on some Musical Collaborations. Then Last Year, I Sat In on Naked Lunch’s Rehearsals and Got on so Well with Them That I Asked to Join the Band Full Time. My Role in the Band is Playing Synths and Performing Backing Vocals. I Have a Background in Writing Soundtracks for Independent Horror Films so I Bring an Extra Darkness to the Music.

JES – Your modelling work has produced some striking and evocative images. What are your aims with your modelling career? 

JN – I Had a Break from Modelling Last Year Due to Ill Health. Jet Noir 003This Year I Plan to Get Back On Track. I’m Currently on a High Protein Diet and Exercising on a Vibro Power Plate to Get Camera Ready. I Don’t Expect to Achieve Fame and Fortune from My Modelling but Would Like to Create some Art with Interesting People.

JES – I know that modelling can entail both positive and negative experiences. It is sometimes seen as a business rife with both predators and victims. What is your view of the industry and do you have any advice for others who want to work in the scene?

JN – My Advice Would be Don’t Pay Extortionate Amounts of Money for Initial Shoots to Build Up Your’ Portfolio. A Lot of Photographers are Happy to Work on a Time for Print Basis in Order for You to Do That. Only Work with Photographers Who have a Good Body of Work and References. Stay Safe and Take a Chaperone with You. Never Do Anything You are Not Comfortable with or May Regret in the Future. Also Don’t Give Up at the First Hurdle and Expect some Knockbacks.

JES – Tell us more about your involvement at Domain of Horror. I’m a huge horror fan myself. What would your perfect horror double bill be, and what would you be munching on and drinking while watching it? Mine would be Peter Jackson’s ‘Brain Dead’ and somewhat controversially Hellraiser 3. What about TV series? Do you get the time to veg out to the latest series of Walking Dead etc.?

JN – I’m a Blogger at Domain of Horror after Being Approached a Couple of Years Ago. I Mostly Use My Blog to Help to Promote Independent Movies as I am Very Passionate about the Scene. There is so Much Talent Out There not Getting the Exposure It Deserves. My Perfect Double Bill would be The Shining and An American Werewolf in London. I Would be Eating Cheese and Onion Crisps and Drinking Cranberry Juice. I Don’t Really Watch TV Anymore so I Have Not Yet Watched Walking Dead. I Must Remember to Watch It at Some Point. I Also Intend to Watch American Horror Story, I’ve Heard Great Things about That Show.

JES – Do you get any spare time at all given your various endeavours?

JN – I’m a Workaholic. I’m At It All Hours of the Day and Night. I Love to Keep as Busy as Possible. When I Wake During the Night, I Find Myself Checking My Emails.

JES – From your social networking activities I think I am safe in saying that you like your coffee?  My perfect coffee would have to be a strong Americano with a lovely crema and a large lump of gooey chocolate cake on the side. Describe your ideal cup of joe…

JN – I Like Mine Strong and Black. I Down It All in One like I’m Drinking from a Shot Glass. I Love that Rush as the Caffeine Hits. Rocket Fuel Coffee with Added Guarana is a Favourite of Mine.

JES – Back to music, indulge the geek in me. What is your music making set up? What are your key pieces of software and hardware?

JN – I Mostly Use Cubase and a Novation Keyboard Midi Controller. Most Importantly of All, I Have a Comfortable Swivel Chair.

JES  – A question I ask all my victims, er, I mean interviewees! What is the first piece of music you bought and what was the most recent? Care to tell us a little about these?

JN – Oh Gosh, I’m so Embarrassed to Admit This but I Think It May have been Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits or Something. In My Defence, I Was Very Young. Most Recent was Gary Numan’s Splinter and The Unraveller of Angels by Attrition.

JES – Thank you Jet for dropping by and sharing your Noir world with us hear at Midlands Metalheads/Rivetheads. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

JN – Thank You Very Much for Having Me. I’d Like to Take This Opportunity to Mention that the New Naked Lunch Album ‘Beyond Planets’ is Out on the 21st of February in All Good Digital Download Stores.

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