11 March 2022

It’s Bandshirt Friday! Episode #21 March 11, 2022

It’s Bandshirt Friday! Episode #21 March 11, 2022

Welcome to another edition of Bandshirt Friday! Here at MMH – The Home of Rock Radio, we are proud supporters of independent music, tried and true favorites, and the deejays and fans who love them. 

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Christ On Parade classic Oakland complex East Bay political punk from the late 1980s with members of Neurosis, Hellbillys, Econochrist, Orghast, Moorat Fingers- 2 classic 12″s in 1985 & 1987 with a lot of European tours that decade, a mid-2000s reunion tour, and that’s all folks! The records have been reissued 2007 on Prank & 2018 on Neurot Records (Neurosis’s label)!

Jesse Luscious, DJ for Losin It With Luscious Mondays 8-10 pm GMT



This week I’m proud to showcase Swedish rockers HEAT because they are awesome and I love them 😍 They did two blinding sets on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise and I’m looking forward to seeing them at festivals in the U.K. this summer too 🥰🤘🏼

Caz Parker, DJ on The Rock n Roll Penitentiary with Mitz | Saturdays 2-4 GMT

Interviewer and Management Team member for MMH.


Hanging out with the owner of Dearly Departed Tours in Los Angeles, standing in front of the door of the room Divine’s body was found, and sporting a Speedwolf shirt. ‘Twas a good day! 

Sara Whizbanger, DJ for The Whizbanger Show | Fridays 10-midnight GMT

Ted Brunning: Hollywood Pops & The Data – An incredible and flamboyant indie/rock band from Northwest UK formed in 2021 that I may well be the bass player for… 👀