04 February 2022

It’s Bandshirt Friday! Episode #17 February 4, 2022

Welcome to another edition of Bandshirt Friday! Here at MMH – The Home of Rock Radio, we are proud supporters of independent music, tried and true favorites, and the deejays and fans who love them. 

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Gina Linstead – Reppin’ Ransom, excited for the release of their debut album ‘Back to the Boozer’ coming in February!



Simon Harget – The Hot Damn is my band of 2021. Started the year with them singing Happy Birthday to me on Livestream, then got to see their debut gig, had a ‘Dance Around’ with them on Stage at Stonedead & before the end of the year, caught them live three more times!


Motörhead…because Lemmy that’s why

Tina C, DJ for The Early Bird | Saturdays 11-noon GMT 



Motionless in White – a metalcore band originating from Scranton PA. A raw and rambunctious group that brings us heavy and heartfelt narratives, from horror to Hollywood. One minute, MIW delves into the nitty-gritty, politically problematic reality we find ourselves in, and in the next sympathise with our heartache and trauma. Multitalented, passionate, and not to be missed.

Courtney Black – MMH Press & Reviews and former Deejay for The Metal Soiree 


 I finally got my hands on a Twister shirt so I should show it off and support the band because I love these guys. Super talented, amazing songs, and excellent fun to be around. Listen to their debut album Cursed & Corrected and then you will love them as much as I do

Caz Parker, DJ on The Rock n Roll Penitentiary with Mitz | Saturdays 2-4

Interviewer and Management Team member for MMH.



Paying respects at the Jimi Hendrix Memorial with my GBH hoodie. GBH (aka Grievous Bodily Harm aka Great Big Haircuts) was the first band to flip my metal heart to punk way back in 1984! I fell hard for these guys and still love them as much as I ever did – maybe more. 

Not to be missed – I’m also wearing a Hookers t-shirt under that hoodie!

Fun Hendrix fact: Jimi’s dad Al, Al’s wife Ayoko, and Jimi’s grandmother Nora, are also buried there. 

Sara Whizbanger, DJ for The Whizbanger Show | Fridays 10-midnight