28 January 2022

It’s Bandshirt Friday! Episode #16 January 21, 2022

Welcome to another edition of Bandshirt Friday! Here at MMH – The Home of Rock Radio, we are proud supporters of independent music, tried and true favorites, and the deejays and fans who love them. 

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This week I am showing off my The Heretic Order; I discovered them back when my lovely friend Dany Jones played bass for them, and the shirt is awesome so I wanted to show them some love 💜

Caz Parker, DJ on The Rock n Roll Penitentiary with Mitz | Saturdays 2-4

Interviewer, and Management Team member for MMH.



Vikki Bishop  – Always reppin’ The Cadillac Three! Tina C. is my bestie and we always go see TC3 together! My fave song is ‘Slow Rollin’…turn it up!



Aw, yeah! Showing off my love for The Greatest Band in the World, ARNOCORPS from VALERIA! These guys headlined my festival Legion of Steel Metalfest and Conference back in 2015 and have remained dear friends ever since! Check them out and thank me later.  

Sara Whizbanger, DJ for The Whizbanger Show | Fridays 10-midnight



Celine Deval (The Astral Prophets, Scythia) and Matt Riley (Bloated Pig, Ye Goat-Herd Gods) sporting the new Merch from Calgary Albertas’ The Astral Prophets. Celine (founding member/singer/drummer of TAP) along with two of her former Scythia bandmates formed TAP in 2019. She has since moved back to BC and is continuing on for now with vocal studio work.



Jessie May of Turkey Vulture (@Altctrlct) This shirt is from Cop Problem, a hardcore punk band from Philadelphia that was active from 2009-2013.  Time flies, didn’t realize it was such an old shirt!  This band was amazing to see live.  (Photo by Frisketti Photo)