14 January 2022

It’s Bandshirt Friday! Episode #14 January 14, 2022

Sacred Reich is a band I was introduced to in 1988. On a snow day from school, my friend had made me a copy of Surf Nicaragua that I ended up listening to for 8 hours nonstop. Oh, and note the Sepultura hat!

~Jean Guy Rubber Boot, The Acadian Lobster | Dedicated listener to The Whizbanger Show!



In my element at Psycho Las Vegas seeing (I think) Perturbator with repping Cocksparrer! With my kids (Devin on the left with 3 Inches of Blood, Yvonne on the right grimacing, and my better half with Carcass.

Sara Whizbanger, DJ for The Whizbanger Show | Fridays 10-midnight



Dead Panda is a band from Richmond, VA, USA. They are on The Swamp Records label and get occasionally lumped into the genre of “stoner punk”. Check them out @deadpanda_666 on Instagram.

Jeff Towles, Dead Panda drummer



South of Salem – hottest band on the scene right now! Debut album ‘The Sinner Takes It All’ is bang on from start to finish!

Tina C, DJ for The Early Bird | Saturdays 11-noon GMT


The Big Dirty is awesome and naughty, all their songs are about beer and sex. I’m a big fan, lol

Caz Parker, DJ on The Rock n Roll Penitentiary with Mitz | Saturdays 2-4

Interviewer, and Management Team member for MMH.