07 January 2022

It’s Bandshirt Friday! Episode #13 January 7, 2022

Welcome to another edition of Bandshirt Friday!

Check out the bands we’re representing and get some new music in your lives. 

Want to get in on the fun? Send us your best pics of your best shirts in the best bands and we’ll include them in our weekly worship updates!

Hanging in LA with my boo in a Fear tee; I’m reppin Christian Mistress! I sure hope they tour again.

Sara Whizbanger, DJ for The Whizbanger Show  Fridays 10-midnight GMT

Lisa is sporting a Mama’s Boys tee. The band celebrated worldwide success over 15 years. Pat McManus still tours playing a wide range of the band’s tracks with the Pat McManus Band.

Lisa Billingham, MMH Photographer

“My Richie Kotzen ‘04 Japan tour tee; I was there, front row in Nagoya! His solo band on that tour was Phil Soussan on bass and Pat Torpey on drums. One of the best gigs ever!”

Tina C, DJ for The Early Bird | Saturdays 11-noon GMT

Saying goodbye and a hearty thank you to one of our own this week, for being a Reviewer on MMH! She’s rocking some Sixx AM today who she says, “are a band whose every record I relate to.”

Maria Glover, MMH Reviewer

Some bands are kind enough to care about keeping your head warm when it’s chilly out, so I get to show some love for Last Of The Misfit Heroes and keep warm when it’s nippy at the same time!

Caz Parker, DJ on The Rock n Roll Penitentiary with Mitz | Saturdays 2-4

Interviewer, and Management Team member for MMH.