06 September 2020

Heresy with Adz 05.09.2020 with KMFDM Interview

Missed last nights Heresy? Well now you can catch the podcast and see what Sascha of KMFDM had to say about the new album In Dub, touring and more


Bauhaus – Kick In The Eye
Delivereance – Tears In Rain
Vazum – Schema
The Spiritual Bat – Guilty
Gothzilla – One Of Us
Nine Inch Nails – Deep
Christian Death – Incendiary Lover
Swans Of Avon – Trust The Angels
The Danse Society – We Fall
I Ya Toyah – Funeral For Love
Carnal Machinery – Feral
The Funeral March Of The Marionettes – Chaddwick
Scriptures – Red Agony
Interview with Sascha Pt 1
KMFDM – Amnesia Dub
Interview with Sascha pt 2
Thrillsville – Fever
Stella Wembley – Images Of Death (Remix)
Alien Sex Fiend – Lips Can’t Go
Alien Sex Fiend – Carcass
Lucia Cifarelli – Diamond In The Rough
Bloody Dead And Sexy – Bloody Rose
Hurtsfall – Revelator
Method Cell – Curse Of A Modern Age
Mephisto Walz ft Alastrelle Delyon – Like The Wind